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More Business. More Profits. One Solution.

Loaded with smart trading tools and features: ProTrader Plus 6.0.

The only white-label platform offering true multi-bank liquidity and cross-asset margin trading for Forex, CFDs and Options from one account.

FX Bridge Technologies Corporation is a leading global provider of innovative software solutions to companies that participate in the foreign exchange marketplace. Our flagship platform, ProTrader Plus™ 6.0, offers real-time spot, CFD, forwards and options trading in the same account, and provides the dealer, broker, and traders with the most comprehensive tools suite available today for the richest trading experience.

The dealer can monitor all routes in one convenient window.
The routes can be seen by Liquidity Provider, by Route Type and by account.

The dealer can monitor all liquidity pools in one window.
The dealer can disable and enable routes to ensure uninterrupted trading for their clients.

ProTrader Plus™ Version 6.0

Custom Product Management

Dealer Configurable (Dealer’s Choice) Expirations
Dealer configurable for each product and for each trader – Choice of:

Fixed monthly expirations (as we do currently, 3rd Thursday of the month, eg)

Fixed weekly (next Thursday, 2 weeks Thursday, 3 weeks Thursday, 4 weeks Thursday, 5 weeks Thursday, etc)

Standard tenors (ON, 1W, 2W, 3W, 1M, 2M, 3M, etc)

New calendar widget for off-the-run expiries

Trader Selectable (Trader’s Choice)

Custom Standard Lot Sizes

Simplicity of Standard Lot Sizes

Flexibility of Notional Value

Custom strikes

Simplicity of Standard Strike Increments or true ATM or any other strike to fractional pip designation

TradeAdvisor™ Analytical Tool-Based Order Execution / LEARN MORE

OptionQuantFX™ by Applied Research delivering subscription based daily email of technicals-driven trading ideas based on market technical indicators

Direct integration of advisor subscription into ProTrader Plus trading platform to provide real-time quote and order execution of single and multiple leg strategies.

OptionQuantFX intraday updates on ProTrader Plus

Open API to extend TradeAdvisor to advisory services for spot and/or options trading indicators

TradeAdvisor providing third-party technical analysis and trading advise for single and multiple leg strategies. Trader can analyze advisories of multiple currency pairs and execute strategy all from one tool.

Option Calculator™ / LEARN MORE

Option Calculator proving in-depth analysis of option Greeks and pricing over a range of days to expiration and underlyer. Trader can enter simulated option position and execute all from one tool.

Margin Calculator™ / LEARN MORE

Margin Calculator providing margin display for multiple leg strategies including long and short spot and options positions. Trader can enter simulated trading strategies and then execute all from one tool.

Risk Manager™ / LEARN MORE

Risk Manager providing Total Position Awareness of individual and group portfolios. Trader can analyze portfolio under changing conditions of date, volatility, and underlyer. Trader can enter simulated trading strategies and then execute all from one tool.

Strategy Optimizer™ / LEARN MORE

Strategy Optimizer providing analysis of over 16 single and multiple leg trading strategies. Allows user to enter market assumptions, analyze top 10 ROR strategies and execute all from one tool.

Compliance and Marketing Report Optimizer / LEARN MORE

Allows broker, dealer, or introducing broker to request complex analysis reports and have them become available quickly with performance optimized execution for daily, monthly or on-demand reporting

World-Class Multi-Language Support / LEARN MORE

ProTrader Plus satisfies its current global demand by supporting 16 of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

New Column Header Filters and Advanced Filters