FX Bridge Technologies

About FX Bridge Technologies

FX Bridge Technologies Corporation is a global provider of innovative financial technology solutions to the institutional trading community. FX Bridge’s software applications are used by some of the world’s largest banks and brokers in the foreign exchange and capital markets. Our fintech research has led to advances in automated trading of complex derivatives, including non-deliverable forwards, swaps, and options instruments.

Our flagship platform, ProTrader Plus 6, is one of the first applications to offer high volume/low latency execution in a wide variety of tradable OTC derivative products—all of which are dynamically cross-margined in the same multi-asset trading account. This technology has been adapted to trading environments outside of FX, including fixed income, metals, energies and cryptocurrency trading.

FX Bridge’s market-leading derivative price aggregation technology, Option Liquidity Solution 4 creates a trading environment of virtual-streaming, multi-bank best-bid/best-offer (BBO) executable options pricing for third-party trading platforms, which simplifies trading with transparent real-time price discovery and high volume/low latency execution.

In addition to offering multiple trading products to broker/dealers and traders worldwide, FX Bridge has created the most comprehensive tools suite available today for the richest trading and dealing experience. Multiple pre-trade analytical tools allow traders speedy access to optimized complex trading strategies, while performing the quantitative and computational heavy lifting that advanced market participants demand. Powerful post-trade risk management tools create a dashboard to quickly anticipate risk flexion points and run risk mitigation simulations across price and time. Traders adapt their strategies in real-time to dynamic and volatile market prices.

FX Bridge’s management team comprises a cross-section of subject matter experts with a long history of success in financial institutions and capital markets. Their industry and technical knowledge spans retail and institutional dealing, regulatory compliance and reporting, multiple derivative products, and systems design and operations in transactional financial technology. Our board of directors and strategic investors are among the largest institutions and most successful individuals with decades of experience in the foreign exchange and capital markets.