Trader Workspace

ProTrader Plus™ empowers the trader with an all new Options trading platform designed to help make smarter decisions.

ProTrader Plus™, offers real-time spot, CFD, and options trading in the same account, and provides the trader with the most comprehensive tools suite available today for a truly rich trading experience.

Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Trade Interface

Trade on a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that’s easy to use and its Dock & Tab environment, allows traders to customize and pack more information into the desktop than ever before.

In addition, ProTrader Plus empowers the trader with a suite of automated analytical tools to help every one trade like a pro. Trial version available – Quick download & installation.

Maximize Profit Potential with Strategy Optimizer™

Strategy Optimizer™ allows traders to quickly maximize profit potential and minimize risk for any price / time market expectation. The built-in analytical tool analyzes all possible permutations of strikes and expiries in a given symbol to determine the most efficient combination of long and short puts and calls among a single or combination of option strategies. Try it for yourself.


Smart Trading with Risk Manager™

Built-In Risk Management & Analysis Application

Another technical advantage bundled into ProTrader Plus™ is our proprietary risk-management system. which allows a trader to instantly determine the risk for any combination of spot or options.


Option & Spot Exposure Analysis and Summaries

Real-time Account Analysis

Risk Manager & Portfolio Calculator

Value at Risk Reporting, Analysis & Management

Real-Time Unrealized P&L

In fact, ProTrader Plus™ provides traders with the same analytical tools professional money managers and institutional traders use.


The companies listed below are offering ProTrader Plus 6.0 demonstrations. We encourage you you visit them for a test drive.


Trade Options with AVA TRADE

AvaOptions opens new ways to trade Options that are simply not possible with spot Forex. Whether you want to hedge your open spot Forex positions or benefit from the potential for unlimited profit with limited risk, AvaOptions gives you all the tools you need.


Trade Options with Caesartrade

Caesartrade FXBridge is an extremely innovative trading platform offering access to Forex Options along with traditional Spot Forex from one single and unique margin account. Greater flexibility to manage your trading strategies and risk exposure.


Trade Options with FXDD

FXDD’s innovative solutions are your gateway to the Forex Options market. We are revolutionary thinkers in trading who have set the trend in Forex Options by delivering new technologies backed by world-class support for individual and institutional traders.


Trade Options with IMS

Our prime directive is to provide a completely safe, transparent and secure trading environment. We offer multibank liquidity from the world’s top tier banks. Our clients are assured by the highest-quality support delivered through our leading-edge operations, our best-in-class technologies, platform and accounts.


Trade Options with Trading Floor FX

TradingFloor is an international online forex broker offering tailored trading services to traders from all over the world. Our superior order execution, server performance and personalized support services are only a few of our advantages.

Sentry Derivatives

Real Options for Real Traders

Spot, Calls, and Puts on more than 40 FX pairs and Gold – Trade any amount from 10,000 to 50 million Professional risk management tools. Multileg execution, any strategy up to 30 legs. Efficient SPAN margining by currency pair. European Vanilla Calls and Puts, NOT Binary Options


Free Trades for 30 Days

Test drive a fully operational trial version of ProTrader Plus™ 6.0 in a real-time environment. You will receive $50,000 virtual margin credits and access to a fully functional version of ProTrader Plus 6.0 for 30 days.


Free Daily FX Volatility Reports

OptionWorks® is a subscription services that provides traders with quant research futures options, such as implied volatility, risk reversals, butterflies, term structure and skew analysis for all major currencies based on CME prices.