Options Tools

The Options Tools

The Option Tools Window provides the trader with the ultimate pre-trade analytical tools set for position selection and decision-making. ProTrader Plus™ is designed to allow users to customize the workstation and position any type of information a trader wants into one screen using multiple windows. Each screen can be saved as a tab.

Strategy Optimizer™

Strategy Optimizer™ analyzes all possible permutations of strikes and expiries in a given symbol to determine the most efficient combination of long and short puts and calls among a single or combination of option strategies, thereby allowing traders to quickly maximize profit potential and minimize risk for any price/time market expectation.

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Margin Calculator™

Margin Calculator™ allows a trader to instantly determine the actual margin for any combination of long or short spot and single or multi-leg long/short calls/puts via our proprietary Risk-based Margining system.

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Options Calculator™

Options Calculator™ enables you to calculate premiums based on cross rate, expiration month, option type (put/call), and strike price. You can see the premium of an options across a change in the underlying price. You can also see the premium lines for 5 different periods – if the underlyer changes today, 25% less time until expiration, 50% less time until expiration, 75% less time until expiration or at expiration (whereby there is only intrinsic value remaining).

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