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FX Bridge Consulting Services

At FX Bridge Consulting we have the ability to give you a holistic view of options from pricing, risk management and education, to marketing and sales. We create a road map that will accelerate your business set up and support expansion and revenue growth.


Banking Setup

Banking is the core of all FX businesses. FX Bridge Consulting will show you step-by-step the best ways of establishing banking relationships for your business expenses, customer accounting, and liquidity provider credit management.

Account Setup

Successful firms all have recognized the importance of genuine and direct conversations of trading risks and rewards. This practice both increases customer acquisition and maintains high customer retention. FX Bridge Consulting provides best-practices for providing risk disclosure documents, account forms, anti-money laundering, technical requirements and more

Options Pricing

FX Bridge Consulting helps you tailor options prices for market-making. We will help establish an appropriate pricing model on our custom Option Skew Modeler™. We can monitor the pricing skew models and suggest appropriate tuning adjustments in times of changing volatility.  You can offer products that no other broker offers or tailor products to your local market.

Risk Management

Profitable options dealers have found that managing an a-book and a b-book of trade flow balances risk and maximizes profitability. FX Bridge Consulting can become your outsourced dealing desk. We augment your existing staff so you can add options. We can provide a 100% turnkey operation. We discuss your risk objectives, product a plan and carry-out its execution. We’ll provide you with easy to understand metrics reporting so you know at any point where your portfolio is at and how it may fluctuate under changing market conditions.

Product Marketing

FX Bridge Consulting has an unparalleled depth of material for edu-marketing, email campaigns, and organic promotional material for your website. We help you establish your branding and imaging. We help you promote on multiple social media channels. We help you promote your business to IBs eager to expand their offering to same-account spot and options trading.

Sales Training

FX Bridge Consulting trains each element of your sales process. We help you convert leads into accounts and enhance accounts to be significant portfolio holders.

IT Systems

For dealers relying on outsourced software and telecommunication solutions, FX Bridge Consulting will setup the infrastructure for your firm. We’ll setup and monitor your web presence and cloud storage and computing for the most cost-effective IT systems management available.