Making Sense of Bonuses in Forex Trading

Eric HarborI met Eric in Tel Aviv many years ago. What struck me most about him was 3 points:
a) Eric has got a rapier like wit. I admire this because it’s backed up by a keen mind.
b) Eric has got a tremendous sense of fair play. He’s a realist about why he’s a broker. He’s a realist about the percentages of winners and losers in retail FX.
c) Eric loves options. Both because they give traders more trading strategies and because it allows traders to manage their risk and stay in the market longer.
He recently wrote an article in FinanceMagnates as an Expert Insight Executive. This time, the topic was about bonus offers by FX brokers (as the title suggests). It’s revealing, sincere, and provides keen insight as to the motivation of both sides of the coin.  Enjoy the read.

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