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If you’ve landed on this page, you either clicked out of curiosity or desperation. Either way, the information about options trading and our platform, ProTrader Plus™, is treasure trove of resources. (and, its voluminous!) 

Whether you are a start-up and unsure of where to begin or a seasoned veteran needing to expand your business, everything you need is right here.

Hello Traders

You want to start a trading to reap the extraordinary trading and risk management strategies that only comes from trading spot and options in the same account. But you have a problem – the same problem every trader has – you don’t know who is out there. And the truth is, choosing a broker with a confusing platform will cost you lots of money. Contact one of our client brokers to test drive the platform and open an account. You’ll soon see why ProTrader Plus is the most intuitive trading platform around. Plus, make sure you check out the OptionEDU and Tools We Recommend pages.

Hello Brokers

You’re spending  money to grow your business but believe it or not, you’re looking just like the guy down to road. The problem is you can’t be different if you look just like everybody else. Solution: set yourself apart; offer products they don’t. Did you know you could start your clients trading spot AND options, in the same account, with little or no cost – setup or recurring?  Click here to find out more.

Hello Dealers

There are three keys to every profitable Dealer:
a) Offer the products that traders want,
b) Manage the risk,
Did we mention keep costs low?

One of the biggest expenses to growing is the cost of getting customers and keeping them. Let FX Bridge help you differentiate your company from your competition. Which of your introducing brokers wouldn’t want a better strategy to grow their business? Our set of marketing tools are easily white-labeled to help you and your customers stand-out in the crowd.

Need option liquidity? Connect to any of our Prime of Primes or your prime broker to reach multiple banks all competing for your option trade flow. One size doesn’t fit all and we bring you the right choices.

Already got spot liquidity? Continue using your spot FX provider.

Already got a PB? Connect to most every PB.

Already got a CRM? Connect your CRM or back-office with our comprehensive API. We will help you bring it all together.

A-Book and B-Book? Configure the trade flow exactly how you want to. You’ll be impressed at how well you can manage risk with any type of customer with any type of product.

Did we miss something?

Please contact us here.  We’ll get back to you quickly, answer your questions completely, and treat you with respect.